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Starbucks to change rewards redemptions

Starbucks is rumoured to be making changes to its rewards program, something the company hasn’t done since 2016, moving towards a revenue-based redemption model.

Under the rumoured changes, rather than redeeming 125 stars for any beverage or food item, Starbucks will shift to a tiered model, allowing customers to choose from drink customizations through packaged coffees. Redemptions will range from 25 to 400 stars.

Rewards will soon be changed to different tiers
25 stars – will get you modifications for your drinks like an extra shot, up to 1$
50 stars – will get you any size cup of hot coffee, tea or bakery item
150 stars – will get you any handcrafted beverage or breakfast sandwich (previously 125 stars)
200 stars – will get you lunch sandwiches, salads, or protein boxes
400 stars – will get you packaged coffee or merchandise for a single item up to $20


While this will offer more flexibility, this will also devalue the old handcrafted beverage or breakfast sandwich reward, 150 from 125 stars.

In 2016, the company changed from a model where users got a free drink or beverage after 12 transactions to one where customers got points per dollar.

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With Starbucks now looking to shift redemptions to a revenue-based model, now’s not a bad time to use up some points, if you have a big pool sitting around!

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