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New rules: Disney to ban large strollers, smoking from U.S. parks

Disney Parks is announcing some changes that is drawing mixed emotion from patrons.

Effective May 1, large-scale strollers will no longer be permitted inside Disney World and Disneyland parks, and smoking and vaping of any kind will be banned.

Additionally, effective immediately, dry or loose ice, often in coolers will not be allowed in the park. This, in an effort to make the bag check process more efficient.

Disney says strollers 31-inches wide and 52-inches long or less can enter, but if you can’t return to your hotel or car, you may check them for pickup after. Strollers will also be made available for rent if needed.

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Previously, smoking areas were designated throughout the park, but as of May 1, that policy will change to force patrons to leave the park completely to smoke or vape.

What do you think? Are you in support? Leave a comment below.

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