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Part of the vision with Master Travellr is to create a community to share unique travel perspectives from all walks of life. As the website grows, I feel it’s important to fold in new voices, so I’m thrilled to introduce a new contributing writer and my friend, Nicole Revert.

Nicole is based in Ottawa, Ont., after spending years in the Greater Toronto Area as a television director at a network we worked together at. It was at Citytv where our friendship blossomed and has taken us on several adventure across Europe and Asia.

She is a single-mom who finds the time to explore her passion as a self-described wanderlust. Through her travels, she’s gained many tips and tricks to travel on a budget, and most importantly, off the beaten path.

We had no idea that two people who couldn’t be anymore different would travel so well together and share a passion through food, culture, and adventure! I’m thrilled to have her part of the team, and to help you get to know her, I asked her a few questions:

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Q&A with Nicole Revert

Where does your interest for travel stem from? 

My family is from a French island off the coast of Newfoundland, Saint Pierre et Miquelon.  I spent many summers and Christmas travelling there. For such a short flight, we landed in the middle of France!  I loved the different culture, food, and way of life.  My parents also loved to travel and our last family trip was to Brazil when I was 17.

Was there a trip that started the wanderlust obsession?

Brazil for sure.  I had travelled to the States with my family, road trips across Canada, and like I mentioned, Saint Pierre et Miquelon.  Going to Brazil was a culture shock!  I had never seen such beauty, so far away from home—I wanted to see everything!  My parents decided to take me and my sister to Rio de Janeiro for Christmas and New Years.  It was an incredible two weeks travelling the country. I couldn’t get enough of the new-and-adventurous feeling.

Tell me about a trip that took you completely out of your comfort zone.

Although it may not be the most adventurous or furthest travelled, I would say the Dominican Republic.  I was 23, newly single and it taught me that it’s OK to be alone in this big world.  My senses were heightened to my surroundings and I had to be the one to occupy my time and find comfort in me. I had to be OK with my decisions and life at the moment.  I was alone, I actually enquired about a job, and thought about the comfort of my home to live abroad for a year.  I didn’t, however, I think it taught me a lot about myself.

If there’s a place you can visit time and time again, where would it be and why?

Do I have to pick just one?  Fine, ok.  I’ll say France.  I love the south coast, west coast of Dieppe, Mont St Michel and the beautiful drive in Bordeaux and Saint Émelion.  Every region has its own cuisine, wine, different beauty, and striking landscape.  France is also my family’s heritage and being around French-speaking people, food, and way of life makes me feel at home.  I also hold a French EU passport and a citizen card.  Let’s not forget about Paris for a weekend getaway!

Where is your next dream adventure?

My next dream vacation… oh so many, but I’ll say Israel and Jordan.

More on Nicole

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Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.

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