British Airways apologizing after oxygen masks accidently dropped mid-flight

Oxygen masks are a pretty good indicator that something is wrong during a flight. British Airways is apologizing after they dropped by accident on a flight from Singapore to London Monday morning.

Lights and TV monitors shut off, and a computerized voice instructed passengers to secure oxygen masks and that it wasn’t a drill, a passenger told USA Today.

Moments later, flight attendants said over the P.A. system that it was a technical issue, apologizing to the passengers.

“My mindset given the circumstances was that if a system failed, what else would go wrong on this flight subsequently?” Webb told the newspaper. “We received no communications on the incident itself from them, and we only heard again from the pilot 45 minutes before landing (around 10 hours later) to give us the usual update on weather at the landing location, etc. – with not a single mention or apology regarding the incident that occurred.”

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In an email sent to passengers, British Airways said, “We would like to reassure you that safety is always our main priority and this was not compromised on this occasion. We trust that our flight and cabin crew dealt with this situation in a professional manner you would expect from us.”

Source: USA Today

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