Clouded leopards at Toronto Zoo become Airbnb hosts

It started as a back-and-forth with the Toronto Zoo, and the clouded leopards are now on summer vacation and putting their home up on Airbnb!

The open-air treehouse will make way for special guests, the non-human kind, and the first visitors is a family of ring-tailed lemurs.

You can “book” the treehouse for $15 a night, and actress Rachel Bilson narrated a two-part series to help promote the new location.

While unfortunately you won’t be able to stay in the treehouse itself, proceeds from the clouded leopards’ home will go back to Toronto Zoo’s conservation efforts, and Airbnb started the listing with a $10,000 contribution.

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Airbnb has published lemur-inspired homes where humans can have their very own hammock party.

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