Sandra Oh teaches the world how to travel like a Canadian

“Loonie-toonie? Ketchup chips? Bagged milk.” It can’t get anymore Canadian than that.

Former Grey’s Anatomy cast member turned Killing Eve star—and Canadian, of course—Sandra Oh stars in a new video put up by Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, teaching the world how to travel like a Canadian, one apology at a time.

The airline said in the video’s description, “Canadians are some of the most courteous and loved travellers. But you don’t have to be a Canadian to travel like one.”

The video, of course with parts in both English and French, features Oh travelling through the terminal instructing viewers how to bring more Canada to the world.

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Throughout the 90-second promo, kids are sharing a poutine, a businessman trying a Caesar, and instructing passengers how to be polite while aboard an Air Canada flight.

Finally, Oh tells a fellow passenger they’re in her seat, while he apologizes, of course, and she says, “Sorry? Very Canadian.”

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